Soylent, Blue Apron and Anxiety

I stumbled upon an article on Medium about how Brian Duffy helped combat his Depression (Featured Image credit to Brian Duffy) by breaking the Depression/Malnutrition cycle with Soylent and Blue Apron. As someone who suffers from Anxiety Disorder and sometimes Depression, I was inspired to give it a shot.

I’ve enjoyed Soylent in the past to the point in which I was replacing my breakfasts and lunch with the product but stopped sometime during the Soylent Bar recall as I’m paranoid of nauseua and vomiting. Since then though, I’ve found myself stress eating more reliably, which has had a net loss in my personal health and have gained twenty pounds since last fall.

I joke that I’m a failing vegitarian and proud of it but ideally, I’d love to be a fulltime vegitarian. Meat production is inefficent and contributes to global warming but most of all, it was my teenage encounters with a pork processing plant left me haunted. The fact remains that I’m simply too disorganized or busy with other projects that I don’t have the mental bandwidth to properly plan vegitatian meals at this point in my life to ensure good nutrition.

Slaughterhouse Blues, credit litreactor

I fear recording anything for YouTube or otherwise appearing on video due to my self image, which can honestly be more attributed to issues with self confidence and lack of personal love rather than my weight. Still it remains that effort put into changing eating habits has helped me build critical mass to improve upon other areas of my life in the past. It’s hard to sit on ass when I’m not eating garbage all the time and neglect my daily step goals.

As I write this, I’m 264 pounds and have a diet consisting of breakfast cereal, more breakfast cereal, handfuls of whatever I can find in the pantry when I’m bored or stressed and plenty of eating out. I consume prepared meals somewhat often for dinner but such cannot fix my poor eating habits, which is why I’m prepared to make a change and try something new.

Sean Kennedy, a friend, creator and beloved author once said that there is no magic bullet, that you don’t need shakes, pills or products as they profit on your desire to make fitness suck less, but in reality there is no magic bullet. Exercise sucks and the best thing one can do is to get your ass up and moving and maybe not eat total junk all the time.

With all that in mind, I’m still willing to pay for convenience so I can focus on other things that I wish to expend energy on. My first kit comes on the 18th, fingers crossed.


  1. Awesome – just take it one day at a time. There is no yesterday, and you can’t work with tomorrow until it’s today. So just do what you can today, each day. You’ll look back after a while of todays and be amazed. Guaranteed. 😀


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