Starter’s guide to compiling Lulzbot Marlin Firmware

I’ve ripped my hair out for days trying to get Lulzbot’s fork of Marlin compiled for my Taz 6. I wanted to modify Marlin’s settings, such as saving my toolhead offsets so I don’t have to save the configs in Cura when using dual extrusion.

Upon compiling Marlin with the latest Arduino with the Rambo json board addons, I’d get weird behavior from the LCD freezing to the toolhead homing twice, with the second ramming the nozzle into the homing switch.

Here’s how-to!

  1. Clone the Lulzbot Marlin repo (Smartgit works well) for your printer.
  2. Checkout the branch required for your printer (oliveoil is the Taz 6, gladiola is the mini. dually, moar and so on are toolheads).
  3. Install Arduino 1.0.6 from here.
  4. Open the Program Files (x86)/Arduino directory
  5. Open a new window, open the Lulzbotrepo/ArduinoAddons/Arduino_1.0.x directory in the Lulzbot repo on your local machine
  6. Delete the tools folder from Lulzbotrepo/ArduinoAddons/Arduino_1.0.x/hardware. The repo contains a corrupted avr binary and it won’t compile with it! Arduino 1.0.6 comes with a working compiler.
  7. Copy both the hardware and libraries folders from Lulzbotrepo/ArduinoAddons/Arduino_1.0.x to the Program Files (x86)/Arduino directory. DO NOT replace any existing files, skip.
  8. Make the desired changes to the Marlin firmware
  9. Open the Marlin.ino file in the Lulzbotrepo/Marlin folder, Arduino will open up
  10. Select Tools>Boards then select RAMBo
  11. Select Sketch>Verify/Compile
  12. Open a new Explorer window. Type in %AppData%, then go to AppDataLocalTemp
  13. The compiled firmware which can be flashed using Lulzbot Cura will be in a buildxxxxxxxxxx.tmp folder such as build2296577116678913177.tmp with the firmware file being Marlin.cpp.hex
  14. Open Cura>Machine then Flash Custom Firmware
  15. Watch your first print to ensure nothing is amiss.

If it goes horribly wrong, select Machine>Install default firmware to revert to stock


Happy modding!

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